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Developed by ANL Plastics – the recycled plastics specialists – Peelpaq® is a more cost-effective, eco-friendly way to pack salads, fish, meat, ready meals and other fresh foods in lightweight containers that are easier for consumers to use and kinder to the environment.

In the fiercely competitive, highly regulated, fresh food sector, Peelpaq® can help drive down costs while maintaining stringent safety, hygiene and environmental compliance standards. 

Switching to Peelpaq ®  enables

  • 25% reduction in materials
  • Up to 40% reduction in weight
  • Up to 40% saving on packaging waste taxation.

Peelpaq ® packaging offers:   

  • Excellent protection for fresh food products
  • Increased shelf life to keep food fresher for longer
  • Easy display of labels, data and pack promotions
  • More convenient, secure and user-friendly.
Peelpaq products