ANL Plastics

ANL Plastics was founded in 1938 and is a leader in thermoforming tailor-made protective plastic packaging for food and non-food industries. The business has a fully integrated approach to the manufacture of packaging with tools available in-house for recycling and extruding PET, PP, HDPE and PS, and molding and constructing creative thermoformed solutions.


Over 450 people are employed by ANL Plastics at its plants in Belgium (HQ), France and Poland, which are all ISO 9001, BRC/IOP packaging and ISO 14001 certified

 The ANL Plastics team includes a dedicated engineering department of 35 people – who work closely with customers to design innovative solutions for a variety of protective packaging applications.


ANL Plastics has a turnover of over 70 million and adds value for its customers through the development of intelligent protective packaging solutions such as GeoSpring®, Piramyd®, Cubb-x®, Visiopac® and Peelpaq®. 


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Our packaging experts work in close cooperation with customers, engineering thermoformed solutions that can maximise the protection of products for a broad range of applications and industry sectors.


We take the time to understand our customers’ requirements, using our knowledge and practical know-how to develop bespoke packaging solutions optimised for success:


  • Careful assessment of product to be protected: type, dimension, weight, transport method
  • 360° review of fragility and test procedures that need to be passed
  • First stage design process
  • In-house creation of tools for thermoforming
  • Prototype production / sampling
  • In-house analysis of prototypes using drop testing equipment
  • Fine-tuning packaging design where required
  • Third party testing and certification
  • Tooling
  • Full scale manufacture.