PP sealtrays

  • PP seals easily
  • Tray cannot be sealed too long and does not deform through overheating
  • Soft reclosing
  • Also possible in PP clearteq
  • Suitable for microwave use

Peelpaq® principle: reclosable packaging without initial lid

Reclosable sealtrays without separate or attached lid. These trays, like all other trays, are delivered stacked.   After filling, they are manually sealed, thereby producing an air- and leak-tight lid. The consumer opens the tray before use by pulling off the perforated sealing edge and can easily reclose it after use. The mechanical closure mechanism is robust and independent of environmental factors such as temperature or humidity (fridge) and the trays remain stackable.   



  • Trays can be pre-packaged (absorb workload peaks)
  • Can be used for a wide range of products
  • Compactly stackable, no separate lid required
  • One machine for all formats
  • Requires only limited training for shop personnel


Unique and innovative concept. Range of sealtrays with special focus on fresh food. The formats are ideally suited for all fresh preparations that need to be portion-packaged for consumption.  The trays are sealed air- and leak-tight on a simple manual sealing machine and are therefore ideal for packaging sauces, soups and other liquids.