Peelpaq® Concept

The Peelpaq® concept provides the functionality of three-part containers with only two components. The lid is an integrated feature and not added later as a third, separate element.

The smarter approach to packaging

The lid and seal are formed as one integrated unit and fixed to the tray in a single step for easy opening and reclosure with a click-and-close hinge mechanism. The sealing areas are simultaneously fixed to the film and lid, enabling the sealing film to be held taut on reclosing/reopening.


How Peelpaq® technology works

The Peelpaq® concept overcomes many of the key production, quality and reliability problems associated with conventional fresh food packaging.


Classic fresh food packs typically have three key parts:


  • A hard thermoplastic tray with an oxygen barrier offering a shelf life of 7 to 20 days
  • A peelable film bonded to the edge of the tray to create an airtight seal
  • A separate lid that clicks to the outer edge of the tray

Conventional Packaging plastic tray with lid     Peelpaq®peelpaq reclosable plastic tray


Peelpaq®, in comparison, only has two parts while maintaining the same functionality:


  • A hard thermoplastic tray with an oxygen barrier offering a shelf life of 7 to 20 days
  • A peelable and reclosable lidding film bonded to the edge of the tray to create an airtight seal


To read more about Peelpaq®, check out our white paper!

peelpaq® technology: key elements

peelpaq concept diagram


The inner seal area (A) runs right around the tray and the sealing film is affixed to it to create an airtight pack.

The outer seal area (B) runs between the hinge lines, parallel to the inner seal area on the same plane. The lid, which is slightly larger than the tray, is integrated to the wider sealing edge.

A U-shaped perforated line (C) forms the intersection with perforation points around the end of the tray. These optimise the balance between strength and shear during sealing.

The hinged part (D) with a fixed hinge strip at both ends of the hinge line, integrated into the perforated intersection line, enables a very high deadfold of the sealable element.

The closing features (E) are formed from two corner tabs on the front of the pack to ensure there is a strong grip when the packaging is reclosed.

The opening tab (F) is made of hard plastic with a 3D edge that offers much better grip than the flimsy flexible sealing film used on conventional packs.


Proven Technology

case study peelpaq®packaging @ the store

Mix peelpaqs

Tailored to your needs

Whatever your packaging and brand requirements, the Peelpaq®  concept can be tailored to suit your specification, with click-and-close functionality integrated to meet your needs.



Target markets

The Peelpaq® concept is ideal for the packaging of products available from fresh food counters in supermarkets, delicatessens, restaurants, cafes and other retail outlets.

Available as a bespoke concept, Peelpaq® can be tailored to suit individual specifications and in accordance with specific packaging, product range and brand requirements.

Typical applications include:


  •  Ready-to-go meat and fish

shrimp in peelpaq

cheese and ham in peelpaq

  • Prepared salads and vegetables

egg salad in peelpaqcarrots in peelpaq

  • Ready-to-go meals from curry to cassoulet
  • Any fresh food served in a dressing or liquids

coucous in peelpaq

  • Cheese, pickles, olives and condiments

olives and tomatoes in peelpaq

  • Puddings, desserts, confectionary

chocolates in peelpaq

  • Cakes, pies and bakery goods and much more.

nuts in peelpaq